Arab Task Force on Food Safety (ATF)

The Arab Task Force on Food Safety (ATF) is a specialized high level steering group formed by SAFE and its partners. The ATF’s main responsibility is to provide advice and guidance to LAS, AIDMO, and AOAD, to support the enhancement of coordination and harmonization of food safety interventions in the Arab region.


  • To advise and recommend areas of priority for coordination of food safety interventions and food safety standards harmonization;

  • To provide advice on coordination mechanisms to be harnessed or developed in support of food safety standards harmonization, including those mechanisms led by stakeholders;

  • To engage with the stakeholder community (regulators, industry, food science community, consumer groups) in countries of the LAS, and guiding coordination of food safety interventions;

  • To engage with leading international organizations responsible for food safety and develop relevant collaborative mechanisms to promote the food safety agenda across the Arab region;

  • To appoint time-limited working groups tasked with the implementation of specific tasks related to the coordination of food safety interventions and harmonization of food safety standards and oversee their progress;

  • Report to LAS on progress related to the implementation of enhanced and coordinated food safety interventions leading to harmonized food safety standards to be adopted in the Arab region;

  • To develop guidelines, protocols, tools, standards, policy papers; and

  • Submit proposals/recommendations to LAS, AIDMO and AOAD, for consideration and endorsement.