Arab Food Safety Scientists (AFSS) Platform

In 2017, SAFE launched an initiative entitled “Food Safety Science Community”, with the key objective of capitalizing on the knowledge and expertise offered by Arab academia as well as science and technology institutions.


To achieve this objective, SAFE developed the “Arab Food Safety Scientists (AFSS) Platform”, in partnership with: the Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF); the Association of Arab Universities (AArU); and the International Life Science Institute – Middle East (ILSI).


The AFSS Platform is a web-based platform, aimed to provide Arab food safety professionals with the opportunity to showcase their scientific research, skills and expertise in food safety, to key stakeholders such as governments, private sector, academia, and the food industry, which will in turn create collaboration opportunities and contribute towards the advancement of food safety in the Arab region.


It is host to over 300 Arab food safety scientists working in various specializations such as: Food Processing, Food Hygiene, Food System Certification, Food Microbiology, among others.


To register / find out more about the AFSS Platform, visit the official website: