Private Sector Engagement

The “Private Sector Engagement” initiative was launched by SAFE in 2017, with the key objective to support the involvement and representation of the Arab food private sector, in order to strengthen their role and maximize their contribution to the development, harmonization/convergence of food safety regulatory measures and standards in the Arab region.

To facilitate the implementation of the initiative, SAFE produced a document entitled the “Private Sector Engagement Roadmap”.


The initiative is implemented in partnership with: the Union of Arab Chambers (UAC), the Arab Federation of Food Industries (AFFI), and the Arab Beverages Association (ABA).

In early 2018, a “Private Sector Expert Working Group (PS EWG)” was established, comprising 8 multi-sectoral subject-matter experts, tasked to support the implementation of the Roadmap by:

  • Conducting sectoral studies, research, and statistical analysis;

  • Identifying and monitoring sectoral challenges, gaps, and risks related to food safety in the Arab region; and

  • Formulating technical advice and recommendations on addressing these challenges, gaps, and risks.